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Abrasive Media Blasting Equipment
All Cabinets are Available in Pressure or Suction
The Magnum series blast cabinets are constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. Magnum Series are offered in 2 sizes 4436 and 5542 Suction or Pressure Blast Cabinets. The Magnum series utilizes the same blast guns, nozzles media valves ,recliamers and dust collector systems as the Industrial Series Blast Cabinets. The Magnum series are also equipped with the door safety shut off system. The main difference is in the simplicity of design of the lower cabinet , welded legs. The Magnum blast cabinets sizes are optimized for maximum efficiency in material and the manufacturing process to create a greater value for these full featured industrial quality blast cabinet. 400 CFM - 700 CFM Reclaimer Systems. Both Suction and Pressure cabinets are available. Dust Collector are available in sock or cartridge style. Reverse pulse air shake out or cartridge with automatic dust monitoring and shake out. Door safety lock out system is also included shuts down the system if doors are opened. All components are the same as the Industrial series with a simpler base construction. Magnum series is a great value in blast cabinets
Dual Blast Cabinets
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