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LB 4024-4-DC
Reclaimer: High performance 400 CFM cyclone reclaim separates good media from dust and by-products.
Light Box: Two (2) tube 24″ fluorescent light, for the best possible lighting in the blast chamber. ON-OFF control switch for light and reclaimer.
Viewing Window: Large 12″ x 20″ tempered glass provides long life and minimizes static build-up of dust.
Door Latch: Heavy duty cam type, adjustable for positive door seal.
Glove Arm Hole: Snap-In heavy duty cloth lined vinyl gloves allowing easy access of handling parts in blast chamber.
Air Regulator and Gauge: Allows adjustable air pressure to gun for proper media flow to provide finish desired.
Clean Out Door: Allows recovery of small parts that may fall from blast chamber.
Safety Foot Control: Prevents accidental blast operation.
Doors: Large double walled doors (both sides) for opening size see Figure “C”. Knife sealing edge assures positive seal in blast chamber.
Motor: 1/2 HP, 120 volts, 11 amp, 3450 rpm, switch controlled.
Dust Collector: Twenty-five tubular cotton sateen dust bags, with slide gate hopper, fan rated at 400 CFM.
Fill Door: To add media to machine and remove debris from debris screen basket inside reclaimer, adjustable air intake on door.
Sump Hose: 4″ flexible duct hose from machine sump outlet to reclaimer inlet.
Media Valve: Universal feed allowing all types of abrasives to be used. 2″ drain plug outlet for easy clean-out.
Media Hose: 1/2″ media line hose from reclaimer media valve to bottom fitting on blast gun.
Compressed Air Inlet: 1/2″ coupler for easy installation of optional moisture trap.
Mylar Dispenser: Window Protector.
Machine Construction: Heavy 14 gauge welded steel construction. Two coats of industrial quality paint.
Packing: Machine secured on wood pallet, dust collector packed inside blast chamber for shipping.
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