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With BLAST-IT-ALL comes the assurance of quality and reliability in designing and manufacturing cleaning and finishing systems now in use worldwide. Experience and expertise combine to advance the art of cleaning, peening, and finishing metals to meet industries continuing demands.

BLAST-IT-ALL provides a complete line of standard blast rooms, but with today’s complex industrial requirements, more and more companies are looking toward our custom-made and custom designed blast rooms. Our highly skilled technical staff can design a blast room to meet your exact specifications and requirements. As specialists, we apply proven principles to each job to insure a blast room totally designed to perform the job you want done….in the most efficient and economical manner. We have one objective…to see that every walk-in blast room that leaves the plant meets the customers total needs. And that’s no small order. To fill it, each unit manufactured is backed by a quality control, quality engineering and inspection team. It’s their job to give daily attention to every detail in the manufacturing process.
Blast Rooms may include the following facilities. Blast rooms with incandescent or fluorescent lighting, double hinged swing out loading doors available. One personnel door with viewing window. One set of operators gear, ventilated hood with belt air regulator, air purifier with interlocking air hose from purifier to belt regulator, optional. Air blow-off hose with finger tip control nozzle. Reclamation system with ASME coded pressure vessel, blast hose with carbide nozzle, on/off blast control at end of blast hose near to nozzle, with manual push button, or automatic purge control. Dust collector with automatic bag shakers. High efficiency exhauster with sound muffler for indoor installations; weather hood only for outdoor installations.
All Blast Rooms Built Custom to meet your needs 
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