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Cube Blaster 
                 VENTURI SYSTEM:
A lightweight, aluminum, pistol grip design, suction feed, gun is supplied. A No. 5 air orifice and No. 5 ceramic nozzle are installed as standard, other orifice and nozzle sizes are available depending upon compressed air supply. Carbide nozzles are also available. Media/Air blast ratio is obtained by a fixed media feed valve. 
                  PRESSURE SYSTEM:
A one (1) Cu. Ft. capacity, ASME certified pressure pot is supplied. Pot is equipped with 3/4″ piping, pilot/slave regulator, moisture separator, outlet valve, media valve, and all related controls for efficient operation. Blast is delivered to the part through 1/2″ blast hose and a 1/4″ Tungsten Carbide nozzle. 
The BLAST-IT-ALL Cube is designed and equipped to effectively blast large items with a variety of blasting media.High static fans available for heavy media.The operator accesses the blast area from
outside the Cube through glove ports to direct blast pattern at the items.Blast pattern may be from a Venturi suction gun or pressure blast.The Blast Cabinet is constructed of high quality reinforced steel.All air and media hoses are lightweight, flexible, and abrasive resistant. Flex hose is abrasive and static resistant.
Wear Kits
Additional Swing Door
Additional Work Stations
Vertical Door(s)
Additional height required
Set-in Turntables
Turntables and Track assemblies
Service Door (3×3)
Sound Suppressors
Hepa After Filters
Dual Blast Cabinets
Blast-It- All Blast Cabinets