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The Most Powerful Blasting Cabinets-Glass Bead Cabinets on the Market.  

Since 1977 we have solved blasting productivity concerns by  consulting with Engine Rebuilding Shops, Parts Rebuilder and Remanufacturing Clients that clean and strip used rusty , painted , parts with baked on carbon and contaminates. Rebuilder's handle severe cleaning application. Our industrial customers utilizing blasting in manufacturing processes for both surface cleaning and preparation have shared their production requirements with our engineering staff as well. Utilizing hard learned practical experience has enabled the coupling of lessons learned with high end manufacturing. The results has developed the most Productive and Reliable Blasters in the Industry. While Pricing them to be the best value in Blasting Cabinets, make no mistake these Blasting cabinets are "Second to None".

Blasting Cabinets Prepared for the toughest cleaning jobs.

Blasting Cabinets are Specifically prepared for used engine component cleaning because of the harsh environment conditions and difficult cleaning demands. Arguably the most demanding blast cabinet cleaning requirement.  Abrasive Blasting Rusty Cylinder Heads , Engine Blocks, Crankshafts, Rods, Rusty Headers and larger parts are an easy abrasive media basting cleaning task for these powerful abrasive blasters. AMS blating cabinets are an outstanding Value in blasting Cabinets and can be supplied as Suction or Pressure  Abrasive blast cabinet configurations.

Handle Larger Parts with Magnum Series Blasting Cabinets

Magnum Series Blasting Cabinets will handle the big jobs in a very time efficient working cycle.  Available in a 44 X 36 Cabinet or the 55 X 42 Model.The 400 CFM - 700 CFM separator will keep the cabinet visually clear while separating and managing the reusable media. Filter cabinets are available with filter bags or reverse pulse air cartridge systems. Time is money the Magnum series  will get the job done fast while removing baked in carbon deposits, rust,scale and paint extremely fast. These machines are popular in Industrial cleaning applications as well, an easy task for machines prepared for used engine components that deal with rust, carbon and paint.

Suction and Pressure Blasting Cabinets

Suction Blast  Cabinets and Pressure Blasting Cabinet are offered in a wide range of sizes and features. These machine have earned a great reputation in Engine Rebuilding Shops, Parts, Re-Manufacturing and Industry for over 25 years. 

Blasting Cabinets are prepared for Parts Rebuiders Applications and Manufacturing Industries

Cleaning used cylinder heads, valves, valve covers, pistons and engine components are the most demanding cleaning applications.. Our Industrial Customer can't believe the productivity and reliable value of these great Blasting Cabinets. All Model Blasting Cabinets are designed for maximum versatility and simplicity to enable an operator to perform dozens of different cleaning and finishing operations efficiently.

          Blasting Cabinets
"Blasting Power Second to None "
           Magnum 4436 
Available in Suction and Pressure
400 CFM Reclaimer  
700 CFM Reclaimer
DC10 Filter Cabinet
30 Inch DiameterTurntable.

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                                 "High Quality" Blasting Cabinets 
Glass Bead, Steel Shot, Multi Media and Baking Soda. Suction and Pressure Systems with   Dust Bag to Automated Dust control Systems. Click on the links below to find out more.
Economy Blast  Cabinets
PB Blast Cabinets
Magnum  Blast Cabinets
Shot Peen Blast Cabinets
Industrial  Blast Cabinets
Cube  Blast Cabinets
The Economy Power Blaster Blasting Cabinet is constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. Also incorporated into the line are several products from the production blasting equipment Deluxe Series, proven reliability such as the Blast Gun. Great quality and output for the at home shop.
The PB Power Blaster Blast Cabinet is constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. Also incorporated into the line are several products from the production blasting equipment Deluxe Series, proven reliability such as the Blast Gun. Great quality and output at an affordable price. Machines working 8 Hours a day in customer shops.
The Magnum Blasting Cabinets are constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. Also incorporated into the Magnum Blast Cabinet line up are several products from the production blasting cabinet  Industrial Series. Magnum Series blast cabinets will handle the big jobs in a very time efficient working cycle.  Available in a 44 X 36 Cabinet or the 55 X 42 Model. 400 CFM - 700 CFM Reclaimer Systems. Both Suction and Pressure cabinits are available. Great Value Priced Production Series.
The Industrial Series Blast Cabinets are available in a vast variety of blasting  cabinet sizes. Blasting Cabinets are Manufactured in Suction or Pressure Blast Cabinet Systems. Reclaimer's are offered from 300 CFM to 900 CFM.Side support rails and turntables can be utilized to ease in part loading and increased work flow. Filter Cabinets are available for Dust control.

The Cube Blasting Cabinets aredesigned and equipped to effectively blast large items with a variety of blasting media. High static fans available for heavy media. The operator accesses the blast area from outside the Cube through glove ports to direct blast pattern at the items. Blast pattern may be from a venturi suction gun or pressure blaster.

Shot peening is a cold working process in which small spherical media called shot bombard the surface of a part. During the shot peening process, each piece of shot that strikes the material acts as a tiny peening hammer, imparting to the surface a small indentation or dimple
Cube Blast Cabinets
The above 60x60 Pressure Blast system is installed at  Central Power Systems & Services 9200 Liberty Drive Liberty, Missouri . 
Mike Wettstien Branch Manager Admistration spear headed this project. Mike required a large capacity high out put system with easy loading, safe handling of large parts, low noise output and automated dust control.The solution : AMS offered the 6060P 60x60 Pressure Pot Blaster with the drop down turntable loading track system, the M4 4 cartridge dust cabinet, 900 CFM Reclaimer and the sound muffler . 
Central Power Systems & Services installs the 6060P Pressure Blast System
The above 44x36 Pressure Blast system is installed at Cape Cod Choppers Lumpy & Tony spear headed this project. Tony required a large 44X36  capacity high out put system with easy loading, safe handling of large parts,  automated dust control.The solution : AMS offered the  44P Pressure Pot Blaster, the M2 2 Automatic  cartridge dust cabinet and 700 CFM Reclaimer System . 
Cape Cod Choppers installs the 4436P Pressure Blast System
Large capacity Media Blasting Cabinet
60x48 Syphon Glass Beat Blasting Cabinet With Automatice Cartridge Filter annd Loading Track WithTurntable
                          Union Pacific Railroad Largest Locomotive Rebuild Shop in the World

The above  6048 Siphon Blast System. Supplied to the Union Pacific Railroad Jenks facility . Danny Bauer required a large capacity system , safe loading of heavy parts and automated dust control.  .The solution : AMS offered the  6048  Blaster, the M2 2 Automatic  cartridge dust cabinet and 700 CFM Reclaimer System , and drop down track with turntable.


As an update: The bead blaster we ordered from you is delivered, installed, and has been running for about 2 weeks now without major issues. I attached some pictures below, please tell your colleagues and team a big "Thank You" for taking a part in making our shop a safer, higher quality, and more productive workplace.

Thank you also to Pat M, Brunwynn C, Steve Harness, Mike M., Ricky F., and Jason Martin for your help in making this project a success.

Danny Bauer

Jenks Quality Assurance and Components Manager

Union Pacific Railroad | Mechanical Department

                                                             MVW CALMAR TOOL & DIE

The above  4426 Siphon Blast System. Supplied to MVW Tool & Die  Les Jones 44 x 26  capacity system , 700 CFM Reclaimer requirement  with a Pulse Air DC-10 Filter cabinet dust control.  The Mandate was a highly visible blasting chamber with a steady media flow. The DC Filter Cabinet stores all the Dust and debris from the blasting process. This combination of components produces fast, blasting , excellent media management and a dust free clean working environment in the works shop.

Les Jones

MVW Calmar Tool & Die Grandview MO

Blasting Cabinet
Glass BEad cabinet Dust filter cabinet
4426 Blast Cabinet With 700 CFM Reclaimer and DC 10 Filter Cabinet
Cube Blast Cabinets
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PB Series BLast Cabinet Prices
American Made Blast Cabinets

Cube Blasting Cabinets are excellent for abrasive blasting and handling large heavy parts.Options include power load and rotation turntables and powered vertical door operation.
Cube Suction Blasting Cabinet
AMS Blast Cabinets specializes in hand blasting cabinets along with engineered semi-automated and fully-automated blast cabinets installed for abrasive blasting by manufacturers, foundries, machine shops, automotive shops, and plant maintenance shops for cleaning, peening, deburring, deflashing, etching, and finishing.Blast-N-Peen, Abrasive blasting cabinets, Abrasive blasting equipment, Abrasive blasting cabinets, Blast room installations and equipment, Shot blast machines, blast peening, blast cabinets,blast equipment, air blast equipment, air blast, air blasting, blast room, blast room, blast cabinets, blasting cabinets, centrifugal disc, centrifugal finishing, deburring, metal finishing.Industrial manufacturer air-powered blast equipment to clean, deburr, shot peen, remove coatings, finish, or otherwise improve the surface being blasted.

Common Applications
1.Remove rust, mill scale, heat scale, and carbon buildup from metals.
2.Strip paint, powder coating, plating, and anodizing from parts for rework.
3.Eliminate burrs, parting lines, flashings, and other defects from castings and injection-molded parts.
4.Extract residual sand from castings.
5.Beautify steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals with a uniform matte finish.
6.Etch artwork and lettering into glass, stone, plastics, metal and other materials.
7.Clean release agents and material buildup from molds